DUN-15 inclinometer

The DUN-15 inclinometer is intended for measurement of a inclination angle from a horizontal or vertical axis.
The DUN-15 inclinometer is executed in the plastic case.
The DUN-15 inclinometer has analog (current) output. Type of functional dependence of a output signal from value of a measured inclination angle - linear.
The description of output circuits of the DUN-15 inclinometer at installation on objects is shown on the case's upper cover of the inclinometer.
The overall dimensions, attachment dimensions of the DUN-15 inclinometer are shown on a drawing.
The DUN-15 inclinometer orientation at installation on objects should correspond to the scheme on the case's upper cover of the inclinometer, as is shown on a drawing.

Basic specifications:

Measurement range of a inclination angle:


  - with a inaccuracy of measurements 0,25°, °


Output current range, mA


Supply voltage, V


Operating temperature range, °C


Weight, kg, no more


Overall dimensions, mm


(without output cable)