BUF-01 control block

The microprocessor control block BUF-01 is intended for switching-in/switching-off of DMX-512 terminal devices on the specified working algorithm (program) in modes of synchronisation from the internal generator of the microprocessor block or from an external source of sound signals, with possibility of operative regulation of frequency of the internal generator and possibility of operative change of the working algorithm (switching-in/switching-off of DMX-512 terminal devices) by connection to the personal computer of IBM type.

The choice of programs (control algorithms of work) of terminal devices is carried out by installation of jumpers on external contact terminals of the block, or distantly.

Galvanic isolation of DMX management signals, of audio signals, of exchange signal with IBM PC (RS-232) from base circuits of control is applied in BUF-01 block.


The BUF-01 control block is made in the form of the complete electronic device in the 1038.500AE case with external connectors for connection of a source of a supply voltage, terminal DMX-devices, a source of audio signals.
Connection of terminal DMX-devices to BUF-01 block is carried out by means of connectors of XLR-3 type, of a source of audio signals - by means of a cable plug of AUD-21 type, computer IBM - by means of the cable socket of DB-9F type.


Basic specifications:

Supply voltage, V


Supply voltage frequency, Hz


Power consumption, W, no more


Quantity of control DMX-outputs


Quantity of terminal devices plug-in to


control DMX-output, no more


Quantity of selected control algorithms


(programs) of terminal devices


Periodic time turndown, s


Audio signal input voltage, V


Exchange interface


Parameters of exchange interface:


- baud rate, bps


- byte size of exchange, bit


- quantity of stop-bit, bit


- control of parity

not applied

Overall dimensions, mm