Drive modules for FANUC 2000/3000 system

Modules are intended for replacement of failed A-AF01, A-AF02, A-AF03, A-AF04, A-OS02, A-OS03, A-DV05 analogue microassemblies, which are used in machine tools drives with FANUC 2000, FANUC 3000 (Fujitsu) control systems.

Name - arrangement:

A-AF01 amplifier and deceleration

A20C-0004-0170/0171 (M1)

control circuit


A-AF02 absolute and add curcuit

A20C-0004-0170/0171 (M2)


A-AF03 sign control curcuit

A20C-0004-0170/0171 (M4)


A-AF04 current limit control curcuit

A20C-0004-0170/0171 (M3)


A-OS02 firing control circuit

A20C-0004-0170/0171 (M5,M6,M7)


A-OS03 synchronization circuit

A20C-0004-0170/0171 (M8,M9,M10)


A-DV05 gate and drive circuit

A20C-0004-0170/0171 (M13,M14)