Memory Plug-in Module (SMP)

The memory plug-in module is intended for long-term storage of the information in the format of control routines for NC(CNC) devices. Power supplies of SMP at the moment of reading or a data recording are carried out from an internal source of the unit of preparation of the data (UPD), or from an internal source of the output device of program (UVP), or from an internal source of the electronic data reader (USE).

Basic specifications:

Memory capacity:


- for SMP-64K, кByte

64 (65536 Byte)

- for SMP-128K, кByte

128 (131072 Byte)

- for SMP-256K, кByte

256 (262144 Byte)

- for SMP-512K, кByte

512 (524288 Byte)

Number of write cycles

up to 100 000

Number of read cycles

not limited

Data retention, hour

up to 1 000 000

Supply voltage, V


Power consumption, W, no more


Weight, kg, no more


Overall dimensions, mm