Electronic Data Reader USE-05

The electronic data reader (USE) is intended for replacement tape readers (TR) such as FS, CONSUL etc., stationary installed in NC(CNC). For NC which has no stationary established tape reader, but in which there is a data input possibility from an external source - such as tape reader (TR), or an input-output information channel (the serial line of type RS-232 or current loop CL/20) - the electronic data reader is made in a portable version.
As a data carrier the memory plug-in module (SMP) is used. On all stationary established and on some portable USE there is standard RS-232C channel for connection of the computer for information interchange with USE.

Basic specifications:

Type of replaced tape reader*:

Consul 337.300, Consul 337.601/A,


Consul 337.601/AM, FACIT-4070,


Fanuc 2000/3000/6000, Fanuc 6M,


Fer-204/204A, FS-100, FS-1501,




M2301C, МС6121, R4, R4N, R4N1,


USL-100/200, UFP-1А, FSP-4,


FSP3M-1B, FSU 2001-2, FSU 601,



Type of NC(CNC):

2M43, 2C42, 2C85, 2R22, 2U22,


2R32M, 2P32, 4SK, Bosch Micro 8,


CNC-332(MAHO), CNC-600/645/646,


CNC-6.5, Fanuc 2000/3000/6000,


Fanuc-6M, General Automation,


Hancommander MS, Messer Griesheim,


Mitsubishi Meldas 60/60S, West,


Okuma LM70-AT, Siemens-802D,


Siemens-850, Enisey, KM85, Kurs-332,


Mayak-221, Mayak-223, N22, N22-1M,


N22-1MT, N22-1MT-01, N33, N55

Type of memory plug-in modules SMP:

SMP-64K, SMP-128K, SMP-256K,



Supply voltage**, V

5±10% or 12±25%

Power consumption, W, no more


Weight, kg, no more

2,5 (stationary version)


1,5 (portable version)

Overall dimensions, mm

as the replaced TR, or


280×160×90 - portable version


  *The type of replaced tape reader is stipulated especially by delivery of the USE.

  **Supply voltage of USE depends on an execution version:

- through connected data cable from internal source of NC (5V±10%),

- from external power supply (12V±25%).