BPRR-1.3 block of switching of operating modes

The BPRR-1.3 block is intended for switching of electric circuits in a tractive mode with an emergency control at failure of microelectronic equipment at failure of microelectronic equipment (SA8 toggle), for switching-off of power supply from contactors coils KM1 and KM2 in the process of check of parametres of the external characteristic of a diesel-generator set at its loading through power rectifiers on brake resistors (SA9 toggle).
The BPRR-1.3 block enters into a control system of the tractive electric drive of various modifications of "BelAZ" mining dump trucks.
The BPRR-1.3 block is electronic module with GRPM-1-31GO2-B plug and has the overall dimensions satisfying its installation on a guiding ways to cassette of the control block of a power cabinet.
The BPRR-1.3 block correspond to ТY BY 101269853.001-2013

Basic specification:

Peak switched current:


- SA8, SA9, A


- decoupling diodes, A


Supply voltage, V


Weight, kg, no more


Overall dimensions, mm