BY-1.3 control block

The BY-1.3 control block is intended for connection of the BEK-5.3 (2 pcs),BPRR-1.3 and BUVG-04 blocks entering into a tractive electric drive control system of dump truck.
The BY-1.3 block is electronic module with DIN 41612C-64F sockets for BEK-5.3, BPRR-1.3, BUVG-04 blocks connection and with AMP connectors for external input/output circuits connection.
The BY-1.3 block enter into the tractive electric drive control system of various modifications of "BelAZ" mining dump trucks.
The BY-1.3 block correspond to ТY BY 101269853.001-2013.

Basic specification:

Circuit peak current:


- main circuit, А, no more


- XS12:1 – PM-02:31 – PM-03:32 –


    – XS12:2, А, no more


- XS12:3,4 – XT1 – PM-03:12,13 –


    – PM-02:32, А, no more


- KM1 - KM8 contactors coils


  on/off, А, no more


Weight, kg, no more


Overall dimensions, mm