BYT-1.2 control block by thyristors

The BYT-1.2 control block by thyristors is intended for control by VS4, VS5 power thyristors of motor-in-wheels protector and for providing galvanic isolation of the control system from high-voltage electric drive part.

The BYT-1.2 block enters into a control system of the tractive electric drive of various modifications of "BelAZ" mining dump trucks.

The BYT-1.2 block correspond to ТY BY 101269853.001-2013.

Basic specification:

Parametres of input control signal


(on two channels):


- low-level input voltage, V


- high-level input voltage, V


- input current, no more, A


Parametres of output control signal/pulse


(on two channels):


- output current, A, no less, А


- duration, mks, no less


Supply voltage, V


Weight, kg, no more


Overall dimensions, mm