PN-2.1 console of switching of a driving direction

The PN-2.1 console of switching of a driving direction is intended for control of a driving direction of various modifications of "BelAZ" mining dump trucks.
The PN-2.1 console has four fixed positions of the hand lever:
          "(II)" - parking,
          "R" - reverse,
          "N" - neutral,
          "D" - directly (forward movement).
Electrotransmission inclusion is carried out by the "T" key switch.
The PN-2.1 console has light-emitting diode indication of an operating mode.
Connection to electric circuits of a dump truck is carried out through 0-0182641-1 socket. The description of electric circuits of a connector and the overall dimensions, attachment dimensions of the PN-2.1 console are shown on a drawing.
The PN-2.1 console correspond to TY BY 101269853.002-2013.

Basic specification:

Circuit peak current:


- "D", "N", "R", A, no more


- "Emergency control forward",


  "Emergency control backwards",


  "El. transmission 1",


  "El. transmission 2"


  "Parking", A, no more


- "Blocking", A, no more


Supply voltage, V


Weight, kg, no more


Overall dimensions, mm


Download manual (PDF, 420 Kb)